Paris Hilton and Leonard DiCaprio Fight it out in Cannes Charity Auction

Paris-Hilton-and-Leonard-DiAn auction for a social cause saw Hollywood heavyweights socialite Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio locked in a intense bidding for an embroidered blue Chanel purse, which was finally sold to DiCaprio for $13,000. He wanted to have the purse as a gift for his mother, and this saw his intensely bidding with Paris amongst others, and he won when she finally relented. Both were quite cool about the bids and Leo did also lose on a few other bids.

Amongst all the items that were put to bid that day, the proceeds would go for Heart Fund, which works for providing cardiac care for poor children across the globe. This charity auction was attended by Gary Dourdan, Mos-Def etc, and had a achieved goal of having funds to buy a plane and supplies to reach out to the needy.


Flavor Flav Arrested for DUI and Substance Possession

Flavor-FlavAmerican Rapper, musician and comedian Flavor Flav was arrested on many counts of driving under marijuana and alcoholic influence, apart from traffic violations in Las Vegas on Thursday. He was stopped for speeding and this led the cops to discover more, following which he was arrested.

Flavor has been charged sometime back for speeding and had a long history of brushing with the law, which includes charges and arrests for DUI, drug usage, assault, felony etc and had also spent time in a rehab to help with his cocaine addiction, apart from having his career see a downswing in the recent times. This arrest saw hi driving without insurance and having a suspended license too.


Nicole Trunfio Strips for a Parental Cause

Nicole-TrunfioAustralian model Nicole Trunfio’s hot poses in magazine spreads did cause a lot of interest before, but this time the model is seen stripping for an exclusive subscriber only version of the Elle magazine. She is seen in multiple poses stripping to promote awareness on parenting and breastfeeding causes.

The model has a son Zion through her fiancé Gary Clark Jr, and Zion was also seen in a few poses. As per initial reports, the model attributed the shoot to her motherly values and it’s also said that the shoot was quite natural and wasn’t preplanned. Nicole has been associated with international brands such as D&G, Dior, Versace, Gucci etc, and is currently the ambassador for Ulta cosmetics.


Shocking: Flights can be Hacked Right from the inside-Expert Chris Roberts Proves

Chris-RobertsIn what could be a sensational report on airline security and the apparent ease in which the flight electronic system can be hacked, Chris Roberts, a Computer Expert at One World Labs claimed that he did hack into a flights engine controls right while he was sitting inside the plane. This claim is being investigated by FBI, and though there are no reports to prove its genuineness.

He also claimed that during 2011 to 2014, he did also hack the system and rewrote codes, making a plane briefly fly sideways. Chris Robert’s claim can be taken as a beginning for more security emphasis on the new form of airline hijacking, electronic hacking.

Meanwhile, Chris also claimed to have hacked into NASA’s international space station a decade back, and all his claims were backed by sound technical backing which leaves them quite open to being believed.


From WikiLeaks: Did you know that NSA is Planning to Hack Smartphones?

SmartphonesThis latest WikiLeaks report might shock you, but seems like the National Security Agency (NSA) of America had been planning to hack Smartphone’s by using loopholes in data connections through Google Apps, so that it can implant spyware that would give them access to the phone’s data as well as communication patterns. Seems that this had been planned to give them an edge over mass movements such as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, where Smartphones and social media played a key role.

The hack is reported to be directed towards Android and Samsung phone in particular, and coming from NSA, which is reported to have a strong grip on all communications across USA, this report has been driving such panic amongst users. The project names as Irritant Horn was initiated by US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and implants a spyware called XKEYSCORE into every App listed on Google and Samsung marketplace and also plans to use it for pushing selecting propaganda when needed, so that terrorism can be effectively combated.


Terminator Actor Nick Stahl Check into Rehab Again

Nick-StahlNick Stahl has been battling a drug addiction and as recently out of a 90 day rehabilitation program at a Los Angeles rehab. The star is now again back into rehab in a Dallas centre after again getting worse with his meth addiction.

Nick had a drug abuse problem since his childhood and was married to Rose and the couple also had daughter Marlo.

He last appeared in the movie “388 Arletta Avenue” and his addiction and frequent bouts of disappearance caused them to separate. Nick was quite promising in his treatment at the rehab and maybe the downfall in his career and separation is moving him back to a relapse. Nick also starred in the sequel for Mirrors and also starred in a negative role in Sin City.


David Letternam Signs off with the Final Late Show with David Letterman

David-LetternamDavid Letterman’s popular midnight talk show Late Show had its final episode on Wednesday night, bringing curtains down on the memorable talk show which started way back in 1992. The final show was touch of overpowering emotions, as the host spoke of the love and accolades he received and was at times at his usual chirpy and witty self.

The show had clips from most of the celebrities that he hosted on his show such as Andy Kaufman, Barbara Walters etc, and also featured famous clips that quoted historical exists, such as the one in which Gerald Ford says that ”Our worst nightmare is over” (In an intended reference to his show here).

Late Show with David Letterman ran a total of 6,000 plus episodes and had Jay Leno’s Tonight Show as a competition.