Gigi Hadid Talks to Adweek!

Gigi-HadidGigi Hadid is just 19 years old but she is making her presence felt in the fashion industry. The credit goes to her business and social media skills.

Talking to Adweek for its cover story, the stunner accepts the fact that being on the top of the fashion industry she is very much aware of the fact that modeling will not always pay her bills.

She made clear by saying, “What people want to know is, OK, what’s after modeling? And that’s forcing us to think about those things [even earlier]. It’s not just OK anymore to model until you’re 25 and then stop and be a housewife.”


Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren Plugging ‘Woman In Gold’ in NYC!

Katie-Holmes-and-Helen-MirrOn Monday night, March 30, Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren visited The Museum of Modern Art in New York City as a part of their promotional duties.
The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ starlet and ‘The Queen’ dame were present there to promote their forthcoming film ‘Woman in Gold’ which also features Ryan Reynolds and Max Irons.
‘Woman in Gold’ is scheduled to hit the silver screen on April 1st and it is based on, “Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee who takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.”


Charlize Theorn Promoting Capitol Grand South Yarra Property!

Charlize-TheorCapitol Grand South Yarra is Melbourne, Australia’s fisrt six-star residential and retail destination. So, it is but obvious that it has to have a top class ambassador who is Charlize Theron.
The ‘Italian Job’ starlet looked fabulous in the spread which is photographed by James White. She posed in many different locations of the entire property.
For the photo shoot, Charlize wore an emerald green dress which reveals her long legs. In another shot she flaunts her perfect physique wearing a sparkly silver gown. From the spread it appears that Capitol Grand will get potential residents in no time.


Rebel Proved once again she is The Best While Being On Cover Page Of ELLE UK!


After Russell Crowe, Rebel Wilson is the hottest Australian model we have. She is featured on the cover page of ELLE UK, May 2015 issue.
The ‘Pitch Perfect’ starlet talked about her style statement and also about her position in the industry. She said, “I am the type of girl with zero fashion sense but I am getting into it now. It’s becoming important for me. I saw a lot of girls were beginning to notice what I wear and I feel a kind of responsibility, because there aren’t any women in Hollywood my size and age.”
Rebel knows very well how to take care of herself, “You need to be physically strong for this job. I like to have the stamina to work 16 hours a day. I may eat a lot, but I am very healthy.”


Dakota Fanning Beautiful at the ‘Effie Gray’ Shindig!

Dakota-Fanning-Beautiful-atDakota Fanning recently turned 21 and she celebrated the day in Las Vegas but at the premiere of her forthcoming film ‘Effie Gray’ which took place last night on March 30, she looked like a mature woman.
The ‘I Am Sam’ actress was present at The Paris Theatre in New York City for a party. She looked beautiful flaunting her curvaceous figure in grey satin dress. She was happy meeting her fellow co-stars.
‘Effie Gray’ is scheduled to hit the screens on April 3rd. it also features Emma Thompson and Tom Sturridge. The summary of the film goes like, “This is a look at the scandalous love triangle between Victorian art critic John Ruskin, his teenage bride Effie Gray, and Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais.”


It’s Not so Easy to Handle the Zac’s Crazy Girl Fans!

ZanessaShe is one half of ‘Zanessa’ but now were as Vaness Hudgens revealed to New York Times that was not easy for her to accept Zac Efron’s crazy and screaming brigade of teenage fan followers.

The ‘Spring Breakers’ starlet had also added that he have gone through a phase where he was really mean because at many time the celeb was fed up and pest off with situations. Girls were running after him, and he was giving them death stares. He realized that’s not what that’s about. Spread the love, be a good and kind person, fan have support him.
About her views regarding the comeback of feminism, she said, “I used to be on the fence about [identifying as a feminist]. I feel like it gets to a certain place where it almost has the reverse effect, where it’s so overpowering and so aggressive that it’s like rather than just standing up for female pride and female rights, it becomes, like, ‘I am the man.’ But now I feel like there’s this new wave of feminists coming up that are truly about equal rights for women. I mean, Beyonce is, like, killing the game, and I love her.”


Marion Cotillard Once Again for Lady Dior!

Marion-CotillardMarion Cotillard had been doing it many times and once again she is all beautiful for the latest Spring 2015 campaign for Lady Dior. For this campaign, the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ starlet was captured in the camera by Peter Lindburgh. She posed stylishly against the arid desert backdrop.

Marion looked fantastic in Dior’s metalized leather and metallic clothing which goes very well with the futuristic theme. You must check out yourself Marion Cotillard’s pictures for the spring 2015 photo shoot for Lady Dior.