KISS or ABUSE – Kamaal Rashid Khan punching on Women.

KISS-or-ABUSE---Kamaal-RashIts all depend on his mood whether to compliment women or to abuse them. Some times he adore the beauties in twitter, if not he is known for his kind of abusing on women. He is none other than Kamaal Rashid Khan, popularly known as KRK. He is back in news for two reasons. First, Ek Villain, which he got a hit for a bit special appearance. Second, his fight with Kapil Sharma on twitter.
Kamaal Rashid Khan, whatever he feels just share on twitter. He takes special interest to tweet on women, says that he loves controversies.
One day he is throwing things in the Bigg Boss house, the next day he is rapped for abusing celebrities, and the third day you will see him showing compliments to random women.
Kamaal Rashid Khan, left his home and arrived in Mumbai to become an actor. He made his debut as producer with 2005-flick Sitam. Since then, he has produced and acted in many low-budget Hindi and Bhojpuri films.
Kamaal in the past praised Bollywood actress Asin, used to send kisses to her every morning.
Earlier he not only proposed to television actress Sara Khan, but also tweeted his feelings on twitter.

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