Doutzen Kroes Sprayed Sexy Fragrance on Charlie Hunnam!

Doutzen-Kroes-Sprayed-Sexy-Actor Charlie Hunnam caught hot and heavy with model Doutzen Kroes, in the sexy and cute video!
What has happened are they connected to each other with passion?. Ah it’s the time for them to make the audience feel hot by an advertisement!
Photos were out on Sexy Doutzen Kroes, along with Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, in their campaign for their newest women’s fragrance ‘ REVEAL’
The add campaign slogan as follows:
Every woman wants to feel like the Doutzen we see in this campaign: beautiful, “sexy, confident, and provocative.”
Chemistry between Charlie and Doutzen worked out perfectly in the video teaser.
Add maker Calvin Klein says “This new fragrance is purposefully made for women. Unique aroma will awaken every sense to “intrigue duality, unexpected freshness and enveloping warmth.”

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