Real-Life Barbie Girl Searching for LOVE!

Real-Life-Barbie-Girl-SearcLiving Doll & Real life Barbie Girl is searching for LOVE. Alina Kovalevskyaya wanna submit herself to her real-life Ken. She is saying to her Darling that every move she make, every deed she does is all for her would be!
The 21-year-old is from Odessa, Ukraine – the same city as real-life Barbie Valeria Lukyanov, who has made the world to stare at her for unique look and controversial opinions.

Ken and Alina were friends, but got dispute. Alina has made a splash online, with her YouTube videos showing off her doll-like charms attracting hundreds of thousands of views. She has a devoted band of followers on Russian social network VK.
She got sooo many autograph requests, proposals for love and marriage. Nothing made her happy bcoz she is in search for her Ken’s Love.

The real-life doll, who also studies psychology and social work at Odessa University, is on the lookout for a husband, and says she would like to have two children and perhaps even adopt a child one day.


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