Ashley Greene Mingled With Guest At The Party

Ashley-Greene-Mingled-With-The “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” starlet Ashley Greene who takes a break from her usual SoCal digs has travelled to Chicago, Illinois, for the W Chicago Lakeshore Renovation Reveal Party.
She donned a beautiful black and white printed dress. She was spotted smiling as she mingled with fellow guests.
According to the reports, Ashley who stars in Zach Braff’s latest masterpiece “Wish I Was Here” is playing now in theaters.
The actress said the reporters that, “ Zach Braff has an amazing ability to touch on universal emotions and situations in a way that makes you laugh and cry in equal volumes. This film moves you in the way you hope all great art does. My admiration of Zach’s work as the writer/director/star of this film was why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of his follow up film, Wish I Was Here.”


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