Grand Wedding Of George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin To Be Featured In Fashion Magazine

Grand-Wedding-Of-George-Clooney-&-Amal-Alamuddin-To-Be-Featured-In-Fashion-MagazineBelieve it or not the “Up in the Air” hunk George Clooney is getting married to Amal Alamuddin next month in Italy.
According to the reports so far the groom’s party will all be outfitted in top-of-the-line tuxedos designed by Giorgio Armani. While Ms. Alamuddin is expected to be working with Oscar de la Renta for her breathtaking bridal gown.
It is rumored that Magazine editor and fashion journalist Anna Wintour will attend the event. It is also said that she will be writing about the event for an upcoming magazine feature.
A close source revealed that, “She wouldn’t go there and not cover it. She and Oscar [de la Renta] are such good friends and [she’d] want to give him some attention.”


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