Jessica Chastain Clarifies Herself

Untitled-7It is always something harmful to share your thoughts on the media especially when you are a celebrity. Jessica Chastain experienced how her word can be reshaped.
The ‘Help’ star said in an interview with Glamour magazine, “I love Meryl Streep. She’s such an incredible actress. But I feel like she’s the only one in her age group who gets those parts.”
After this, an article was published in Page Six which was titled as “Jessica Chastain: Give anyone but Meryl Streep a Chance.”
Responding to this, Jessica posted through Who Say, “Page Six gets it terribly wrong. The headline is upsetting and against my thinking. I would never want to take roles away from a great actress.”
She added, “My point has always been: Why can only one great actress of a certain age get roles in film? We need MORE roles in film for the many Other great actresses. It speaks to the lack of diversity in our industry.”


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