OMG! Rekha Ignores Puneet


The high voltage reality TV show, Big Boss 8 had the pleasure of having a guest as sensational as Rekha! The actress was there to promote her upcoming film, Super Nani.
It has been ages since Rekha and Salman last shared the stage. With the viewers cheering for the duo, the stage came alive with dance and singing performances both from Rekha and Salman.
Rekha did not only entertain the viewers but also interacted with the reality TV show contestants and having a light time with all if them except Puneet Issar. The fact that she actually ignored Puneet had been too apparent to not be noticed.
As the charming actress entered the house, she greeted everyone with a warm embrace. As it came Puneet’s turn, the head-turner charmer actually walked away from him.
Puneet Issar, who has been a victim of accidentally causing a serious injury to Big B during Coolie’s shooting, it is assumed that though others might have forgotten the tragedy but Rekha hasn’t been able to. For some, bygones can never be bygones.


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