Josh Crooning for his Ladylove

Untitled-18Josh Groban has caused the world to mesmerize with his well toned silky smooth voice. But nowadays, the star is busy singing for someone else and the person is his ladylove.
The news is confirmed by Josh himself while he was talking to Entertainment Tonight on Saturday night (October 11) at the Mercedes Benz Carousel of Hope Ball. The talented singer said he is dating with Kat Dennings.
In his words, “I do have such a lovely date tonight. I’m very lucky my girlfriend has joined me tonight. It’s her first time hearing me sing, so I’m going to do some extra warm-ups so I don’t suck.”
The ‘To Where You Are’ singer added, “I mean, we joke sing all the time. We harmonize on the radio, but no, I haven’t really done (any real singing). It always seems like a cheesy move on my part…like, ‘Hey, you wanna hear me sing?”
On Monday, a source reported that both of them are having fun together and they recently started dating each other.


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