SRK Don’t Have ill-will for Anyone


Shah Rukh is straight forward in speaking his heart out. Sometimes back it was reported that SRK has made some unpleasant remarks about Aamir’s upcoming film PK’s poster. Both of the actors don’t go along well with each other. This fact is known to everyone. Earlier sometimes back, Aamir revealed at his block that he has named his dog ‘Shah Rukh. In reply to this SRK said that Aamir missed some of his fans by saying this.
In an interview when Shah Rukh was asked about his PK comment getting so much hyped, SRK said, “There is so much information today and so little time that the ‘misconstrue’ part happens. I think some of the people are extremely uneducated becayse they don’t even understand a joke, I’ll be very honest. Somebody asked recently, ‘so are you bothered about making 200 crore? I said, ‘No, want to make No, want to make 859 crore.’ It was a joke. It’s irritating that you have to put it in brackets that it’s a joke. As for the poster, I saw it early morning because I am usually awake. So before it went public, I saw it. I was awake at 2 and I saw it on Twitter or I guess someone emailed it to me. And I don’t think anything is negative about anyone’s creative idea. I am actually one of the most liberal people when it comes to creativity and that’s why my jokes are like that. I don’t have ill-will for anyone. I get irritated because you can’t keep asking me the same questions. I don’t think in this line of work anybody has ill-will about anyone but yes everyone will have a view point.”


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