What Govinda Says About Salman Khan?

Untitled-4Once upon a time, there friendship was considered to be an ideal in the Bollywood but the two stars of different genres were in the media for a while on the broken bond. To patch up the things, Salman Khan offered a movie to Govinda but amazingly, Govinda turned down the offer though Salman tried to convince the former in every possible way.
When Govinda was questioned about this, he said, “I refused Salman’s film because I didn’t want to do an art film. Unki film ka jo subject hai woh art film jaisa hai. I did Partner with Salman so jo Partner jaisi film karta hai wo art film karega to acha nei lagega na. That was my thought.”
When he was asked about the support of Salman in his career, he said, “You know I did a film with Ravi Chopra jisme Salman ne guest appearance kiya tha… Unhone wo mere kehne pe kiya tha. If you see, after Partner I have never tried to involve Salman career wise. If fact, I have never troubled anyone for that matter. Because I think if someone is a good human being and has a good heart toh uska fayda nei uthana chaiye. Aisa nei lagna chaiye ki dosti fayda ke liye ki hai. Its very important that your relationship should be beyond work and beyond what people say. I and Salman have been friends even before we started working together. Maine kabhi socha nai tha ki hamari dosti career mein kaam ayegi. When I did Partner, I never thought our friendship would work career wise too”.


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