Why Deepika is Worried about Ranveer?

Untitled-19Deepika a Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one of the most loved coulpes in the B-town. Both of them have an extraordinary on screen as well as off-screen chemistry. We hear that these days Deepika is worried for Ranveer. Let us have a look.
The reason behind this is that Deepika thinks that Ranveer is taking his role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ some extra seriously’. Deepika is also playing a role in the film but Ranveer has to change himself a lot physically and he has to shave his head. It is reported how Ranveer will isolate himself from the world before the shooting starts.
Ranveer himself confessed this,“Yes I will be underground for a considerable amount of time. I have finished all my endorsements and commercials. Once I go into this zone, I want to go into the depths of it. I have a physical transformation that I have to do, I have to shave my head bald. I think am going to explore myself as an actor creatively as much as I can with this character. I will definitely be going into a zone and go underground, it will be for a long time but I think it will be worth it.”
Deepika is worried about Ranveer that he might undergo some mental stress due to this as she knows very well that Ranveer goes into the depths of the characters he plays. Sources say that Deepika is asking him not to let the role affect him to the extent that he forgets his own self.
It is said that Ranveer Singh will start the shooting of this film before Deepika. Recently Priyanka has posted a photo of her first day on the sets of this film. Priyanka is playing the role of Kashi bai in this film.


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