Amir’s Role in PK is the Toughest Role of his Career

Untitled-6Aamir Khan is popularly known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ as he loves perfection. The star said that his role in his upcoming film PK is the most challenging role of his career.
PK’s first trailer is released by Aamir Khan on the occasion of Diwali. He said, “I have been working for the last 25 years and PK is by far my toughest role in my career. I have not blinked in the movie. We had discussed a lot about shaping up my character but we felt every time that something is missing.”
Aamir plays an unconventional role in the film. His character is fond of ‘pan’. He said, “PK is fond of paan. I am too. During the shooting of the film I must have consumed near about 100 paans. There used to be a paanwala on the set for us,”
Aamir is working with Hirani for the second time. Earlier, both of them worked together for the super hit film 3 Idiots. Hirani said that it took him five years to complete PK.
In the film, Anushka Sharma is the lead actress. She will be seen in a never before seen look. She said, “I am very excited to play the role in PK. When we were doing costume trial we went for different looks with the wigs and glasses. And finally when the look worked out I am getting a lot of compliment especially all the girl wants to have a hairstyle like me.”

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