Why Jacqueline Fernandez was Locked in Hotel Room for Two Days?


Jacqueline Fernandez felt terribly bad when she was forcibly asked to stay in her room in a hotel in Ottawa, Canada. She was there for the shooting of an international film. A shooting incident took place near Parliament Hill in Canada. After which the Canadian government ordered the lockdown of the city. The shooters were outside so everyone was requested to stay indoors until the matter resolves.
This incident took place about 30 minutes drive distance away from the hotel where Jacqueline and others were staying. The film’s cast and crew were allowed to continue the shoot after 48 hours.
Jacqueline said about the incident, “We were about to start shooting, when we were informed that we can’t travel as there had been a shootout in the city. The main gates of the hotel were locked so that no one could go out. We were locked in for two days and kept watching the news to stay updated, and were only hoping that everyone would be safe and no lives were lost. My family also called to check on me after they saw the news. Our shooting was interrupted for two days, but we have resumed now.”
Jacqueline will surely remember this unfortunate incident throughout her life.


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