Arjun Kapoor Selected as the Brand Ambassador for FC Pune City

Untitled-7Arjun Kapoor is selected as the brand ambassador of the FC Pune City team on Monday for the inaugural season of Indian Super League (ISL) football tournament. The co-owner of this club is Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. In a statement on Monday, Arjun Kapoor who is a fan of English premier league club Chelsea FC said, “The enthusiasm and interest in the sport is what drives me to be a part of this mega league. Football has always been very dear to me and I have grown up playing and following football. So, it was natural for me to take the first opportunity to associate with a promising football club in the Indian Super League, more so if it represents India’s youth capital Pune. I would like to thank Hrithik and the Rajesh Wadhawan Group for giving me this opportunity.”
Hrithik also said about Arjun’s inclination towards football, ““We are proud to have Arjun Kapoor as FC Pune City’s brand ambassador. I have known him for a long time and ever since I remember, football has been an integral part of his life. Arjun embodies dynamism, grit and an unbridled energy – those elements that form the core of FC Pune City.”
He added, “This coupled with his love for the sport, made him an obvious choice as a brand ambassador for the club. I would like to thank Kapil Wadhawan for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful club.”


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