It’s Time for Hell to Re-Invent Herself

Untitled-2Halle Berry was never an unbeatable person in terms of fashion. She says that her husband Olivier Martinez has helped her make her dressing sense better in recent years.
She told Yahoo! Style, “I have definitely changed as a result of being married to a French husband.”
She adds, “French women would not put their sweats on and run out to the market. So I care more about what I wear out of the house, because if not, he calls me out on it. They put a lot of energy into their outerwear, but also their underwear. They’re not going to get caught in an emergency room without being prepared.”
The ‘Monster Ball’ actress recently re-launched Scandale Paris which is a decade old French lingerie line. She said, “[My mother] said if I don’t want my boobs to hit my knees by the time I’m 30, always wear a bra, even to bed. I don’t think I’m using my sex symbol image, if that’s what you want to call it, to sell the line. I’m not the model, so no I’m not trying to use that part of me at all.”
Interestingly, Berry is in her 40’s, and she feels that it is the time to re-invent herself, “I think both actors and actresses face this. It’s not just women. As an actor you face having to age and redefine yourself. The roles you were able to play before, you can’t play anymore. So you have to adapt and play a different role.”
“And as actresses, we need to accept that we’re not always going to be the sexy ingénue, but hopefully we get better with age.”


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