Keira Faced Criticism for Taking her Girlfriend to Prom

Untitled-2These days, people are becoming more open about the same sex couples. In 2001, Keira Knightly faced immense criticism for going to prom with a girl. Keira explained that she was criticized when she took her girlfriend Emily to a prom date.
She added that she was busy shooting for ‘Bend it Like Beckham’. She didn’t have time t o choose a dress so she simply wore a pair of ripped jeans and went to the party in casual attire.
In her words, “Everybody else was completely dressed up, obviously, in that kind of finery. [A teacher scolded us, saying we] were never going to come to anything if [we] didn’t know how to dress appropriately for events like that.”
She further said, “We had our picture taken underneath the thing, and she’s kissing me, and we were told that that was disgusting. Our photograph…wasn’t allowed — you know when you get up and, I don’t know if this is in America, but you collect all the photographs of prom and you buy whatever ones you want. Ours wasn’t allowed to be displayed on that because it wasn’t appropriate.”


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