Lebron James and Savannah Brinson Happy with the Birth of Their Third Child

Untitled-4The James household is drenched in celebrations this week. AsleBron James and Savannah Brinson are very happy to get a beautiful blessing. Both of them welcomed their third child, a baby girl who is named Zhuri. In August, The Cleveland Cavaliers star and his high school sweetheart went on a trip to Greece. At the time James tweeted about expecting a baby with Savannah. He wrote, “Zhuri hurry up and get here so your daddy and 2 brothers can annoy you!”
The couple already has two sons, a 10-year-old LeBron James Jr and a 7-year-old Bryce Maximus.
James earlier said to CNN’s Unguarded with Rachel Nichols, “There is no booklet where no one can tell you on how to raise your kids. And you know, every single day is always challenging. And for my kids even more challenging, because their dad is famous.”
“But I feel like the morals and the goals and the things that I teach them I just want to lay the path for them and let them, at the end of the day, make their own decisions. And hopefully, the — the way that I’ve been teaching them will, when they get to a fork in the road, they will know what’s right, and not go left.”


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