Lisa Haydon Coming with ‘The Shaukeens’

Untitled-2After giving a blockbuster like ‘Queen’, Lisa Haydon is coming with her new film ‘The Shaukeens’ which is a remake of the 1982 film ‘Shaukeen’. In the film, Lisa plays the lead role which was played by Rati Agnihotri in the original. Lisa talks about the film and her character in it.
She told us, “I have not seen the original movie full. My dad downloaded it a few days back. It was very late in the night when I started watching it. I was falling asleep so I just fast forwarded it till the part when Rati Agnihotri comes and I saw the movie till half and then dozed off.” We can understand how much Lisa is tired due to her hectic movie schedules. Liza praised Rati for her role in the film and said that she did her job very well.
In Lisa’s words, “Rati Agnihotri was fantastic in the film and I completely loved her part. However, my character Ahana is very different from her’s.
We think that this difference in characters of Lisa and Rati is good as it will give an opportunity to Lisa to act according to her own will. We are eagerly waiting for Lisa’s film.


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