Amy Doesn’t Want to Talk About Feminism

Untitled-1In New York city last night, Amy Poehler came before the media along with former SNL co-star Seth Meyers. The starlet was looking absolutely stunning while she posed in black long sleeved dress along with black heels.
Amy is these days publicizing her new book ‘Yes Please’. She said to founder Marianne Schnall that she doesn’t want to get involved in all the Hollywood feminism talk.
She added, “This discussion — the media discussion of who is and isn’t a feminist — is yet another example of the media attempting to divide us, to take us and split us apart, and our view among each other. So it’s like, ‘She said she was, she said she wasn’t, now she is, now she’s not, she made her one.’ It’s just bullsh*t. It’s yet another attempt to get us to talk sh*t about each other, for people to bait you into [responding to] ‘What do you think about so and so?”
“First of all, it’s none of my business what they want to say or do — that’s what feminism is. And also, what you believe or say at 20 is different at 40, is different at 60. I think as women, we need to continue to constantly celebrate what we have in common and share, and stop letting this society focus on how we’re different. It’s really frustrating. Yet again, the topic of feminism is another example of people cooping it, taking it out of our hands, and we have to kind of take it back.”


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