Sid Coming With Intelligent Humor in His Web Series

Untitled-1Siddharth Mallya was much in controversy in the year 2012. He was the director of Royal Challengers Banglore. He was much in headlines due to her relationship with Deepika Padukone and his unfortunate airlines.
Earlier in an interview this year only, Siddharth burst on people who accused him for the downfall of the Kingfisher empire. But now Siddharth has changed a lot and is popularly called Sid. He has started his own web series as he aspires to become an actor. The first episode of the series is featured on his haters.
He has entertained us by giving a tight slap on the face of his haters in a hilarious manner. The highlight of the episode is the end of the show when Sid targets the Times Group for not considering him newsworthy just because he doesn’t have a cleavage. The most interesting part about this is that Sid was earlier related to Deepika who was centered in the whole cleavage controversy in the past.
If you want to entertain yourself with intelligent humor then you must definitely watch the first episode of Sid’s web series.


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