Sonakshi and Arjun are Dating Each Other

Untitled-2Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kappor are dating each other. They were spotted together going on movie dates not once but many times. Both of them are working together in the film ‘Tevar’. A source said that there is definitely more than just love of films that is common between the two.
Arjun and Sonakshi are cool people. Both of them are young and they never hesitate to pose for photographers who spot them together. Even when it was rumored that Sonakshi is in a relationship with Shahid Kapoor then also there were no photos of the couple. The only time both of them were seen together was the time when they were promoting their film R..Rajkumar.
Tevar is not releasing recently and there is absolutely no need for them to promote it so early. It is clear that both of them are coming close to one another. Both of them were hurt in the past with their relationships. So, it may happen that both of them will make a good couple together.
We hope that the two remain happy together.


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