Sheeran is in all Praise for Taylor’s New Studio Release

Untitled-14Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are best friends so it is but obvious that Sheeran likes Taylor’s latest music album.
Sheeran didn’t say much about the album much but he simply called it ‘stellar’ and asked the listeners to buy a copy for themselves.
Ryan Seacrest was told by T. Swizzle that the ‘Everything has Changed’ songster likes the music album very much. He said, ““I remember individual circumstances when I would write a song and be so excited about it, so I’d play it for Ed. Ed’s favorite song on the album is ‘Bad Blood.’”
“I played it for Ed as soon as I wrote it, which I think was about a year ago. And at that point, it was just a really basic demo track … and he was going, ‘This has to be the first single! This has to be the first single!’ And I was like, ‘Eh, we’ll see.’ But since he’s now heard the album and heard the final track, he loves it even more. It’s so cool to have friends who are so supportive … I feel so lucky. And he does have a really good ear.”
As Taylor penned one of the song she played one of it for Lorde, “My friend Ella, Lorde, I played her ‘Style’ as we were driving down the PCH and we were going to lunch in Malibu. I said, ‘Hey, I just finished this thing, can I play it for you?’ And I remember when that beat drops in the intro of the song, she was just like, ‘Yeahhhhh!’”
“And then Karlie [Kloss] … we took a road trip to Big Sur and I played her pretty much the entire album. Lena Dunham has heard it beginning to end. She heard the stuff I was writing for two years.”


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