SRK Wants to be a Part of Dhoom Series

Untitled-5Dhoom and Shah Rukh Khan are two most famous things from the B-town. And when the two will combine then you can easily imagine what will be result. We may get a chance to see the result of the combo in the next film of Dhoom series which is Dhoom 4. Yes you heard it right, SRK himself talked about this on his birthday.
SRK expressed his desire to work in the next Dhoom film. He himself said this while talking to reporters. In his words, “I am doing a film with Yash Raj and that’s Fan. If I get an opportunity, I would love to do it (Dhoom 4). I find it very cool .I knew Sanjay Ghadvi and I liked the film. Aditya has never asked me for Dhoom.”

If it happens so then we will get a chance to see Shah Rukh playing the role of bad boy like the way he did in Don series. It is under only SRK’s caliber that he can even make a bad guy lovable.


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