They are at the Verge of Break-Up

Untitled-5The whole of media and internet is flooded with information regarding how Harman cheated Bipasha when the two were going on smoothly with their relationship. The two came up with a statement where they made clear what actually happened between them so as to put a full stop to our speculations.
The Harman and Bipasha statement says, “We have had our differences but this rumor is rubbish & has nothing to do with us taking our time off. In our relationship we have been dignified & respect each other. We do not like people having a field day at our expense. Whether we continue or not, We do & will always respect each other and would request media to respect our privacy too instead of printing all kind of rumors without even verifying it with us.”
In their statement, both of them didn’t deny anything and they also said that they are uncertain whether they will continue or not. It is but obvious that there was something truth in the rumors. It seems that Harman and Bipasha are in the last days of their relationship.


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