Kareen Will be Saif’s Obsessive Girlfriend in ‘Happy Ending’


Saif khan will be surrounded by many beautiful ladies in ‘Happy Ending’ which is directed by Raj and Krishna DK. It was reported earlier that the film will feature Saif’s wife Kareena Kapoor and also his co-star from Salam Namaste Preity Zinta along with Ileana D’Cruz who is the lead lady in the film.
Ileana plays the role of lady-love of Saif while Preity and Kareena will be shown as his ex-girlfriends. It is also reported that Kareena will play the role of Saif’s abusive lover in the film ‘Happy Ending’.
A source told us, “Saif is seen playing the character of a author in the film with multiple girlfriends. Kareena plays his love interest too in the film. In one of the funniest sequences in the film, Kareena is seen abusing Saif.”
Saif and Kareena were not much liked couple onscreen as their earlier films together like Kurban, Tashan and Agent Vinod didn’t create any magic. It remains to be seen if both of them will taste success being onscreen together in Happy Ending. It would be very amusing to see Kareena playing the role of an obsessive girlfriend.


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