Sonakshi Justifies her Role in Prabhu’s Films

Untitled-11Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhu Dheva have worked together for two films. The combo delivered two hits in the form of ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘R…Rajkumar’. And now they are coming with another film which is titled as ‘Action Jackson’. The film is a masala entertainer. But some are criticizing Sona and Prabhu because they are making films in which women are shown only as an object for song and dance.
When we asked Sona how she feels about this then she replied, “If a film of ours was socially unacceptable then why wouldit do so well? See, these are only topics of discussions between so-called class audiences which forms a very small section of society. Everyone has an opinion and I believe it is unwise to sit back and cater to everyone’s whims and fancy. If his films were presenting women in a manner that they shouldn’t have, people wouldn’t have accepted them.”
We agree with Sonakshi because her performances do have an impact on the viewers. And what is wrong with song and dance in films as long as they are entertaining us. What say?


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