Ranbir Must Take a Chill Pill

ranbirRanbir Kapoor is never on good terms with the media and recently the actor burst at a TV channel crew. This happened on Wednesday when the crew wanted to have a look at Ranbir kapoor and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif who were present together at their house on Carter road. Ranbir didn’t like this and he got furious over the reporters.
A source said, “They were entering their house when Ranbir spotted a group of journos filming them. He lost his cool and ran towards them hurling abuses. The channel crew fled the scene and he chased after them for some time. Though he was not able to get hold of them, he found their equipment, including the camera person’s backpack, lying in the channel’s car and took it with him.”
After all this he asked the car driver to call the crew but the driver apologized to the star by saying that it was his first day at work. Ranbir couldn’t control his anger and he abused the reports as much as he can.
This is not the first time when Ranbir got so angry on the media persons. In December 2013, he had an argument with a news channel crew and he abused them and took away their camera. In September too of the same year Ranbir commented when he was asked about gift from Katrina. He said, “There is a phrase in English: ‘Mind your own business.”
We advise Ranbir to control his temper otherwise it would definitely get him into trouble.


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