For Aish, Prakash Jha or Sujoy Ghosh?

aishAishwarya Rai will be making her comeback with the film ‘Jazbaa’. This film hasn’t still started. The actress is offered two strong, author-backed roles in two cop stories. One will be directed by Prakash Jha while the other by Sujoy Ghosh. She is confused as to which one she should pick because she can’t work simultaneously in two cop stories.

A source told us, “While Aish has been approached for both Ghosh’s Durga Rani Singh and Prakash Jha’s Gangaajal 2, she cannot do both, as it would lead to repetitiveness, no matter how dissimilar the two cops’ characters are.”

The Bachchan bahu has never ever played a role of a cop. She is in dilemma because both of the cop roles offered to her are interesting and challenging. But which one should she pick?


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