Sohai Khan to Start Women’s Volleyball Team

Sohai-KhanMany few people from the industry are associated with sports. Actor-producer Sohail Khan has announced that he is planning to start a women’s volleyball team very soon. Sohail said, “Yes, this is the right time, even we are thinking there should be a team of female celebs.” He pointed that this is the appropriate time for the female celebs to try their hand in sports.
Salman Khan started Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) with Sohail and actor Suniel Shetty in 2009. In this league celebrities come together and play cricket for the sake of charity.
And now Sohail is planning to start the women’s volleyball team on the same lines as of CCL.
Sohail said, “It’s difficult to predict if they have any interest in cricket or not but we are planning that we should start female volleyball matches on the level of CCL. We hope we can start it by next year.”


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