Jessica Turns a Successful Business Woman

Jessica-AlbaJessica Alba is a very famous actress but now she is proving herself as a successful businesswoman also.
She attended a press meet with the Self Magazine panel and shared her experience about starting and being a part of The Honest Company. She also told how it feels like to manage a company.
She said, “I love to challenge the status quo. That’s been my mission from day one as an actress and an early feminist wanting equality and wanting to push the limits of what’s possible.”
“I’ve learned much more from failure than success. Success is almost a surprise, like, ‘Whoa, that worked?!’ Sometimes you’re like, ‘How long are they going to believe this idea is really good?’ Failure [singles out the] people who see it through to the finish line [no matter what] and win. That’s really cool and inspiring.”
Jessica says she likes to know how her products are helping its consumers and making them happy. In her words, “Hearing how we change families’ lives and have a positive impact [means so much]. I posted a photo of me at the office on Instagram, and a mom wrote, ‘I have a 5-year-old daughter with severe eczema who now, because of your products, can wear shorts and run around like a normal kid.’ To me, that’s what it’s all about.”


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