Salman and SRK Sorted out their Differences

srkSalman Khan and Shah Rukh were not on good terms for very long. The two had a fight at Katrina’s birthday party years back. But recently both of them were found embracing each other with a hug at Baba Siddique’s iftar party. Both of them are recently found in a picture in which they are kissing Arpita and blessing her together.
It is reported that both of them have sorted out their difference before Arpita’s wedding. Both of them not only hugged each other and also danced together.
In words of a source, “This was not just a camera-created camaraderie, like what had happened at Baba Siddique’s Iftar party This was a real patch up, and this time Shah Rukh and Salman have decided to let bygones be bygones.The reconciliation is for real this time. It was a very emotional reunion. No one clicked Shah Rukh and Salman’s hug and kiss. But the fact is, what happened at Galaxy Apartments (Salman’s residence) was a wholehearted unconditional reunion between the two biggest superstars.”


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