Sangeeta Bijlani was not Invited for Arpita’s Wedding

Sangeeta-BijlaniArpita Khan, Salman’s sister recently got married in a grand way. The occasion was graced by the presence of many biggies from the B-town. While Salman’s former love interest Katrina Kaif was present at the wedding, his another ex Sangeeta Bijlani was missing at the event. It is said that Sangeeta was invited for the function and this is what made her angry.
Many people were invited who were not close to the Khan family or to the groom family. It is also said one of the high-profile guest present at the wedding made a lot of people present there feel awkward. If the guy in question was invited then it was sure that Sangeeta would surely be present at the wedding because she has been friends with Salman for very long and also is on good terms with the khan family.
Another Salman’s former girlfriend is upset with not being invited at the wedding. Salman missed many people who were to be invited at the wedding. This is something very sad.

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