Priyanka is Unaware of the Sex Racket Being Run in Her Property

Priyanka is Unaware of the Sex Racket Being Run in Her PropertyWhen Priyanka was asked about the rumors that a sex racket has been running in her flat, she said that she has no idea about what is happening because she doesn’t go on investigating.
She said to IANS, “When we rent properties we don’t go and check what is happening in the bedroom. Hence I had no knowledge about what is happening there.”
The Mary Kom actress was in Delhi to support the Girl Raising campaign. It was reported that police has found a sex racket being run from Priyanka’s property in Andheri. The matter is under investigation. Priyanka said that she will go by what the police will say after investigation. In her words, “It’s a police case and police is investigating the matter. We are law abiding citizens and if there is anything that is against the law, we will obviously stand by whatever the cops say.”
Priyanka is not only a good actress but also she is a singer and now a producer. When asked about if she fainted during shoot of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Bajirao Mastani’ then she replied, “I did not faint. It is false news. I just swooned a little bit. I don’t know why it happened…maybe it was because of little jet lag as I had come from Los Angeles or back to back shooting.”


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