“Unbroken” Premiere to Brad Pitt Infant

Pitt-InfantAngelina Jolie is sick with the chickenpox, her husband Brad Pitt
Clincked to amplein her for her at the Los Angeles “Unbroken” premiere on dec 15.

Angelina  erstwhile notify News that while “Unbroken” definitely has a war-themed movie, she will confess her kids to see it.
The “Fight Club” framing was handsome on the red carpet in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre along with his and Jolie’s kids Pax, Shiloh and Maddox, as well as his parents Jane and William Pitt.
“It’s PG-13. My boys — one is 13, one is 11 but he’s a mature 11 — will see it, but I think I might actually show my younger children. I think they will grasp it. They can feel the difference what is real n want isn’t,as they are under 13. But they all knew Louis [Zamperini]. They want to see it because it’s Louis.”


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