Hot Shovel: Salman Khan Confirms leaving BB 8

salmanLiving up to all the rumours around Salman Khan quitting his controversial show Bigg Boss 8. At the recently held Big Star Entertainment Awards 2014, our Bigg Boss host finally settled the gin saying, “Yes, I won’t be hosting Bigg Boss 8 because I have my shoot of Bajrangi Bhaijaan going on in Rajasthan. So I can’t keep hedge between one state to
Another. . So keeping all that in mind, I won’t be able to host the last 4 episodes (Weekend Ka Vaar) of Bigg Boss 8.”

Clearing all at whilom, Salman has finally exploded the bomb to upset his fans. . But we have a replacement. As said, Farah Khan will take charge after Salman leaves the show in Jan. “Everyone knows that I am a huge Bigg Boss fan. I used to tweet about it all the time. I am a Bigg Boss junkie. I follow all the contestants and I am thrilled to be hosting it. SRK doesn’t watch Bigg Boss. But once I start hosting it, I will make sure he watches it.” Spoke by our Happy New Year director
It pretends one month extension of Bigg Boss 8 is going to be a terribly twisted tale! Expect the unexpected!

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