Adnan Sami to Rock Mood Indigo 2014!

Adnan-SamiOn December 27, 2014 Sami is going to perform at one of Asia’s largest cultural festival, which was initiated by a group of music enthusiasts.
The Pakistani singer, who recently doled out the Sweeta number for Ranveer Singh’s Kill Dil is also ready for an acting debut. It seems that the Mehbooba singer is all set to get Mumbai’s Mood I rocking.
Adnan said, “I love performing for the young crowd all over the world and I feel blessed to have a fan base ranging from 2 to 80 year old. I’ve been singing for music festivals all over world and it gives me great pleasure to perform for Mood Indigo this year. Let’s see who makes more noise…me or them!!”
The singer added, “It’s going to be wild and spontaneous!! I am going to sing both my old and new hits. This is going to be something that they have never seen me do before on television.”


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