Gabbar Singh is Vikram’s Favorite Negative Character

vikramVikram is these days busy promoting his film ‘I’. At one such promotional event in Mumbai when Vikram was present with other celebrities. At the event he talked about his favorite negative character from Bollywood. He talked about his film and told the media that there are many different characters which he plays in the film and some of these even have a negative touch.
Vikram was asked which negative character from Bollywood is his favorite which he would like to play if given a chance. To this he said, “I would love to play Gabbar Singh. I think it was a kickass character.”
At the event it was also discussed how Vikram experiments with his looks for different roles. He said, “I worked out for three years the different roles that I play in the film. I had to beef up for the body builder role and lose 25 kgs for another avatar. But I have never felt so powerful and confident in my life before donning the beast avatar. It took ten days to shoot the beast song and those were the ten best days of my life.”
When the media asked Vikram if he took any body building tips from the international body building maestro Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was present at the music launch of the film. Vikram answered, “I didn’t meet Arnold as I was performing for the beast song onstage during the music launch.”


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