Lan Shops Vegetables and Fruits at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles

Lan-ShopsIan Somerhalder didn’t get the healthy body genetically. He had worked on it a lot. He was spotted at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 4). The 36-year-old ‘Lost’ star was seen in a very good mood and spirit as he carried a large box of vegetables and fruits to his cars. The shutterbugs surprisingly looked at the star.
On the New Year, Ian posted a thanks giving message on his Twitter account which went like, “The biggest most, most gigantic and most appreciative thanks goes to the fans of The Vampire Diaries and to the supporters of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.”
He added, “You make up the very flesh and heartbeats that are this show and this organization- together we will change the world. Happy New Year everyone! May we put to bed 2014 and look ahead into the sunrise of 2015.”


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