Hilary Duff talks about New show

Hilary-DuffHilary Duff is working hard for her upcoming television series ‘Younger’ and the starlet is very desperate to show her fans this new show. In her latest interview with the ELLE magazine, the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ starlet talked about her comeback to TV. She said, “I think that since I started on TV I always feel comfortable doing TV.”
Her show will be aired on TV Land Network but the starlet is confident that it will drag many viewers, “I don’t really think it matters what network your show is on anymore. If it speaks for itself, anyone will go anywhere to watch it.”
Hilary accepted the offer for the show only because she liked the way in which women are portrayed in it, “It’s a show with such an age range of women, and I really liked that. I felt it was so it could be a guy’s guilty pleasure and women of all ages could relate to it too. Also, it’s edgy. I would definitely say the show gets a lot edgier as it goes on. It was a little scary to think about uprooting my whole life and moving to New York, but the city is definitely a key player in the show.”


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