Demi Moore Share a Great Relationship with Tallulah Willis

Demi-MooreDemi Moore and her youngest daughter Tallulah Wills share a very good relationship. In the weekend, the ‘G.I.Jane’ starlet took scissors and gave her 21-year-old daughter a new haircut. The moment was so sweet that Tallulah didn’t forget to capture it in her camera and share it on Instagram.
Tallulah spent one and a half month last year in the rehabilitation centre and now it appears that she is back to normalcy. She said to Teen Vogue’s February 2015 issue, “Growing up, my parents did a good job of making me aware of how fortunate I was. Sometimes I still can’t grapple with how culturally impactful my parents are. I’m now 20 years old, and I can say that I’m getting to that place where I’m starting to feel OK with myself, bit by bit. My story is not just about some wild Los Angeles teen who did drugs or drank too much.”


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