Olivia Munn says about Selfies on Instagram

Olivia-MunnOlivia Munn speaks things clear and she said to HuffPost that she is tired of stars who complain that media doesn’t give them privacy when they themselves post lots of images and other stuffs on the social media.
The ‘Newsroom’ starlet said, “Why are you posting selfies? The only reason is to get more followers and get likes. So you are not just doing your ‘art’ because you want to be a great artist. You want the fame and attention.” She added, “If followers were the number one thing to getting a career, all the Kardashians would be in every big movie of the year.”
She said further, “As an actor, you have to be able to ask the audience to suspend their disbelief when they watch you [in a movie]. You can’t put out so much and then ask for your privacy. You can’t put out so much stuff and then expect people to take you seriously all the time, if you’re always posting from every vacation that you’re on, and your relationships, and putting your kids out there.”


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