Things are Not Going on Well for Mariah Carey

Mariah-CareyIt seems that the time is not good for Mariah Carey. After giving a not-so-good Christmas performance in the New York City, she gain missed the magic in Jamaica this weekend.
The ‘Always Be My Baby’ starlet flew to the beautiful Caribbean island for the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival. In spite of using her world-famous pipes for her songs she decided to use vocal track.
Mariah missed many words and signs as she was moving her lips on the pre-recorded vocals. This agitated the audiences and many of them posted unlikable messages on Jamica Observer websites. Messages were like, “She completely lipped [Fantasy]! I’m a die hard lamb but her mouth did not even move,” and, “She was lipping all night. At one point she had the mic at her mouth the song was playing and the crowd swear she was singing… She didn’t do one live song. Mariah was a disappointment! She couldn’t hit a high note to save her life and lipped her way out.”


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