Jerod Brown Announcs Candlelight Vigil for Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi-Kristina-BrownIn spite of all the prayers from friends and family, Bobbi Kristina Brown is still not showing any improvement in her medical condition.
Due to this, Jerod Brown who happens to be Brown’s 21-year-old cousin declared a candlelight vigil to be organized on February 9 at the Amphitheater at Riverdale Town Center in Riverdale, Georgia.
Jerod titled the gathering as ‘The Shining a Light for Healing’. He said, “All are welcome to attend as a show of support for Bobbi Kriss & family.” Earlier Jerod posted on twitter, “Though doctors may report to the public that opening her eyes is not a good thing or bad thing…‪#‎StillPrayForBK‬ Though the media reported she’s in a coma… #StillPrayForBK Though your neighbor may not be hopeful….#StillPrayForBK.”


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