Gwyneth, Demi & Nicole flaunts Harper’s Bazaar March 2015


They were in all praise for Eric Buterbaugh in Harper’s Bazaar March 2015 issue
Gwyneth Paltrow ,Demi Moore and Nicole Richie are helping floral designer Eric Buterbaugh launch his new floral assignment.
In Harper Bazaar’s March 2015 issue, the three actresses were in all praise for Buterbaugh who has been in the floral arrangements business for the past 16 years.
Gwyn went nostalgic and talked about the first time she got Eric’s bouquets from a friend, “It was white roses, but roses on roses on roses—basically a plate of roses balanced on this tiny vase that defied the laws of balance and physics. I just thought, ‘This is so above anything I’ve ever seen. It’s art.’ Eric is very economical in terms of the beauty he creates with his flowers. It can be over-the-top, but just the perfect amount. And he’s like that as a person too.”
Moore also talked about her first meeting with Butterbaugh at a party in the year 2002, “In those days I used to carry around with me a small, hard cooler full of Red Bull and I smoked Marlboro Reds. So as I was waiting by myself for my car to come, sitting on my little cooler, Eric looked over at me and said, ‘I like you, because you’re just not right.’ And we’ve been best friends ever since.”
Richie said, “He has a true appreciation of beauty—and I don’t mean that in a superficial way. Every time he walks into a room with his boots, I know that we are going to have more fun than Nancy Sinatra.”


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