Chrissy Teigen shows up at the NYFW

Chrissy-Teigen-shows-up-at-On Monday, February 16, Chrissy Teigen managed to grab the front row seat for the Donna Karan New York’s Fall 2015 party which is organized as a part of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.
Chrissy was accompanied in the front seat by Coco Rocha and Susan Sarandon. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was smiling as she was in full mood to take all the sartorial praises to herself.
Chrissy recently revealed while talking to People that although she is considered as the most successful and beautiful model she still is unhappy about the bad comments which someone of the men made about her figure many years ago. She said, “I don’t think you should give men – or women! – a hard time about their bodies, because that kind of stuff lingers forever. I still feel comments that men have said to me10 years ago. I still hear them sometimes.”


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