Kardashian Family Did Adieu to Bruce Jenner

KardashianThe Kardashians are trying to draw a line between themselves and Bruce Jenner. It is said that the forthcoming season of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ will bid goodbye to Jenner. Sources say that there is a scene in the show where the girls say that Bruce is such an infrequent visitor that “Bruce and the boys are almost completely out of the picture.” One of the girl says, “Maybe it’s time to admit to themselves that they’re barely even enough of a family anymore to go on vacation [with us].” About Bruce sex change Kim says, “Things are only going to get more difficult and complicated.”
During the episode Scott Disick said that Bruce got on his high horse on how to be the world’s best dad.” While they were making dunes in Pismo Beach. Scott further said that he really was irritated and told Kourtney, “I wonder what Brody would have to say about that.” By this he referred to the fact that Bruce was not present while Brody grew up.


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