Kardashian Family met with an Accident

KardashianThe police say that the Kardashian’s black Yukon GMC is not damaged at all. The police was called at the spot by a motor carrier service.
The accident took place because of the icy roads. The Kardashian family was well and calm when the police arrived.
Khloe Kardashian slipped on ice covered Montana road and bumped into the coming vehicle and finally fell into the ditch. Khloe was accompanied in her car by Kim, North West and Kylie.
It is said that the starlets were driving in Bozeman, MT on Saturday morning. Suddenly a small truck passed by their car causing snow to blow which hit the starlets’ car windshield. Khloe got blind and she couldn’t see and bumped into a patch of black ice. The car lost its control and hit the coming traffic and finally landed in the ditch.
The police came at the spot and everyone is fine. The unfortunate incident took place after two weeks when Bruce Jenner met with a car crash.


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