Lindsay Lohan Topless for Hunger Magazine

Lindsay LohanLindsay has gone nude many times and again she bid adieu to her shirt for the latest photo shoot for Hunger magazine’s issue number 8.
In the picture, the 28-year-old ‘Mean Girls’ actress is posed wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sat spread eagle which hardly is covering her female parts.
Lindsay proudly said about her life in London, “I’m much happier here. I love New York too, but it’s too late for me. I’ve seen pretty much all there is to see. I don’t need to see it all over again. The last time I went to LA it was my friend’s birthday and we went to this karaoke place. It was the same people, the same faces, nothing had changed. It felt very unevolved. I’ve seen so much in the past three years and I’m ready to put to bed the reason I had to stay in LA – my court stuff, the community service. No one thought I was going to finish. My dad didn’t think I was going to finish. And if I didn’t, they were going to give me jail time. I was like, “Of course I’m going to finish.”‘

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