Watch ‘The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting’ with Jimmy at His after Oscar Show

Jimmy Kimmel thinks that not enough actors and actress included him in their thanks giving speech at the 87th Academy Awards which took place on Sunday night.
At his 10th annual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! : After the Oscars’ the host of the show said that being the head of The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting, the credit for giving Hollywood some of the most successful stars goes to him.
At his show Jimmy acted as an acting teacher who taught the stars by adapting some out-of-the-box teaching methods. He taught the couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski how to kiss without actually kissing. He made Jennifer to indulge in a trust where he was not present to catch her. And last but not the least he made Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne to speak in perfect British accent by throwing water bottles at him
It appears that Jimmy’s mad methods are the best thing about him as Mila Kunis correctly calls him a ‘master’.

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